Apollo owns and operates a large and diverse fleet of modern equipment. Our fleet allows us to meet the schedule demands of our customers while providing the most reliable, cost-effective equipment solutions possible. Having a large fleet of equipment also allows us to maximize control of job sites and respond quickly to the needs of our customers.

All of Apollo’s operators are highly experienced and certified in the latest technologies, techniques, and safe work procedures. Our dispatch team is always ready to deploy equipment from our yard, and our maintenance personnel is committed to doing whatever it takes to keep our equipment operating at all times.

Apollo’s inventory of equipment can handle any type or size of the project. Our fleet includes, but is not limited to:

Excavator Attachments

    • Concrete Shears
    • Concrete Crusher
    • Rock Breaker
  • Compactors-Large (From 150 PSI to 365 PSI)
  • Compactors-Small (From 185 PSI to 450 PSI)
  • Backhoes
  • Loaders
      • Articulated Trucks
      • Dump Trucks
      • Dozers
      • Lowbeds

        Hydraulic Excavators

          • JD330
          • JD290
          • JD240
          • JD225/JD210
          • JD160
          • JD135/KOB 140
          • JD60/ Case 55B
          • JD 35/ JD 27(Midi Excavator)
        • Hydraulic/Rock Drills
        • Shotcrete Pumps Wet & Dry
        • Grout Plants
        • Hiabs
        • Water Trucks
        • Grout Mixers
        • Industrial Compressors

        Fully Equipped P/U Trucks (Models 1500 to 7500)